Yingge district (鶯歌區) is renowned for it’s pottery and ceramics production. Recently A-Yueh and friends visited to learn and have a go. The Master at 晟達陶瓷工藝社 explained about the clay and pottery. When he demonstrated how to throw a pot it was almost like magic — the spinning blob of clay first became a dish, then up in to a hemispherical bowl, and then up to a giant vase. It looked so easy in the Master’s hands.

Learning from the Master
A freshly thrown dish for the kids

A-Yueh had a go on the spinning wheel with Daddy. After a little practice, we managed to make a tall cup/vase. The bottom was too thin though, so it didn’t survive!

Throwing a vase
A-Yeuh's bottomless vase

Using her hands, without a wheel, A-Yueh made three marvelous mugs. We left them with the Master who helped to bake and glaze them, and collected them a couple of weeks later.

A-Yeuh's three mugs
A-Yeuh's three mugs with glaze after being baked