Summer is here again, but everything has changed. For a while it seemed that the world had contracted in to a tedious microcosm of it’s previous self. It’s past time to break out of the artificial achromatic bubble.

This is the year of the Tiger

COVID has completely redefined working life, and in some ways I’m not sure living in the three gorges would have been feasible without those inescapable changes.

Tranquility as the sun sets beyond the mountains
Sand between your toes and the sound of the sea

Flexibility’s blurred boundaries prey on the mind, so it’s time to go outside again, and more. Despite the heat, the sound of the sea is ever revitalizing.

One of Tainan's famous Sword Lions
Vivid, by Bumps
Who knows?
A fresh surprise in every wave

Initially, the expanse of the water was completely unnerving. Later, the dark sand was so hot that the water was completely inaccessible. Now, she confidently plays games with the ocean.

It's amazing below the surface
A sleeping giant is a warm host
Rainbowasaurus visits Taipei City
A beautiful red bug
Glowing sunset over Taipei Zoo