One of the many lovely things about living in tropical Taiwan is visiting the seaside and the smaller Taiwanese islands. In recent months I have been to 小琉球 (Lamoy Island), 澎湖 (Penghu), 馬祖 (Matzu) and 阿朗壹古道 (A-Lan-Yi Trail in Taitung).

Each has it’s own special characteristics and magic, but the most wonderful places were those where humans have not interfered, not constructed concrete monstrosities and where there are no shops or vendors selling plastic “memorabilia” junk to tourists.

Yet even in the stunningly beautiful protected areas such as 阿朗壹古道, rubbish from afar is still found washed up on the beach - such a terrible shame ….We collected what we could carry as we walked and took it away for recycling or disposal. Everyone who visits should do the same, many hands make light work; and a clean coastline!