| Sydney

So warm and bright after the bitter cold of humid winter; alive city but relaxed; we took our first walk from Circular Quay up to the Rocks, where we’d be staying in the YHA with a view of the Opera House. There are large bats roosting in the trees but just a few compared to later in Cairns.

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 | Saigon

Busy Saigon… noisy, hot, and very wet in a monsoon downpour. Everyone here was welcoming and seemed happy. I’m looking forward to visiting Vietnam again!

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 | Sabah

Our first time to visit Malaysia: A great week in Sabah (Borneo). There was lovely bright weather as we explored Kota Kinabalu City, hiking around in the mountain forest and diving at the many small islands.

The most magical time was at Weston Wetlands, floating down the river amongst the thousands of dancing fireflies after a lovely dinner.

The giant Rafflesia flower is amazing, although we got soaked by tropical rain storms on the way.

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Beautiful Coffee

One of the few happinesses in each work day is a brief escape to the ground floor coffee shop. It’s good to stop thinking about work-work for a second; have a nice drink and happy chat. When time permits, the wonderful cafe team create more smiles with a picture in the cup ^___^

You can see more of Noodle’s great drawings at 力量咖啡 - Strength Coffee.

Lovely Cat Bus by 力量咖啡 - Strength Coffee
Happy Growling Totoro

South America

 | South America

A tiny photo selection from our recent adventure from Cartagena on the Caribbean, throughout the west of Colombia and down to Quito, the Ecuadorian Capital, for the last couple of days.

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Autumn in Japan

 | Autumn in Japan

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