| Porto

The River Douro flows West almost 900km across the Iberian Peninsula from Soria Province in Spain, forming part of the border between northern Portugal and Spain, and again West through the Douro Valley and in to the Atlantic at Porto. Surrounding these last few hundred kilometres through Portugal is the area where grapes are grown to make the internationally renowned Port wine. Even in January,

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176 BPM

 | 176 BPM

Becoming a parent: The most exciting, nervous and happy time in life.

First fetal sonograph

Karuizawa, Enoshima & Ghibli

 | Karuizawa, Enoshima & Ghibli

November in central Japan is still warmer than Yellowknife was in October, although with a few rainy days. Autumn is a popular time to visit as the natural scenery is very beautiful. Kumoba

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 | Yellowknife

Autumn is an impressive time of year. Most days are still bright, and the comparative simplicity of summer heat, green trees and blue skies gives way to a more deep and complex panorama. The forest becomes a patchwork of green, gold, rust, amber and scarlet leaves. The skies above are a glorious deep blue, with strongly textured clouds varying from sunlight backed glowing white, through a thousand shades of grey to a heavy darkness that warns sternly of the winter yet to come. Walking the partially hidden ground generates a satisfying rustle as ones feet slide through a million fallen leaves. This is Yellowknife,

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 | Istanbul

Istanbul, bisected by the Bosporus, is in the north-west corner of Turkey. Turkey spreads from southern European Greece and Bulgaria all the way to Iran. As the geographical bridge between southern Europe and Asia, it’s an amazing place with a long and interesting history.

The Bosporus

Possibly the most famous

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 | Cappadocia

Awake! … arriving in the evening it was already dark, stone buildings, orange sodium glow. Morning’s brightness revealed the full view across Göreme valley.

View across Goreme

Göreme is a popular tourist destination in the Nevşehir Province in central Anatolia, Turkey. Scattered amongst the houses are “Fairy Chimneys”, spires of softer rock topped with a more erosion resistant cap.

Since ancient times people have

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