There is steep, and then there are the staircases in Amsterdam houses - quite an adventure with a little child or carrying a large suitcase. Although, the view from the broad windows upstairs gave a lovely view of the arced canal.

The Rijksmuseum is an enormous complex. Inside is well spread out and it’s easy to spend a whole day looking around. Currently, The Night Watch is being macro X-ray powder diffraction scanned, to provide further insights in to the pigments Rembrandt used and how to best conserve the painting.

In the docklands, is the NEMO Science Museum. Spread over several floors, NEMO is jam packed with interactive exhibits and is exciting for all ages - Our little eighteen month old very much enjoyed running around and playing with the experiments, especially the mystery of the plasma globe and the giant bubble generating pools.

The Netherlands has many delicious foods, and some of the easiest to bring back home are cheese and stroopwafels. Clara Maria Cheese Farm produces both clogs and some lovely Gouda, in a range of flavours including plain cheese, cheese with herbs, and spicy cheese. Similarly, stroopwafels come in a variety of flavours. Slightly surprisingly, mango chili stroopwafels are very yummy!

Very steep staircase
Rijksmuseum gallery
Rijksmuseum ship
Gouda cheese, Clara Maria Cheese Farm
Stroopwafels, of various flavours