Typhoons are still coming and going but the weather seems to be calming down a little. It’s been really nice to go out with friends and get out of the Taipei City basin steam whenever time permits, and so I’ve trekked up a couple of baby mountains recently.

Jenny and I climbed up 磺嘴山 (912m) in 陽明山 with her colleagues. Although I wore sandals, silly me, and thus ended up with a few small cuts on my feet we had a good walk to the crater of the volcano and a giant dinner afterwards!

The rain was insane on the first day of my weekend in 九份, despite this we made a valiant start up 基隆山 but shortly realised that it wasn’t such a good idea in such a torrential downpour. In Sunday’s sunshine we made it to the top, although I was truly exhausted …surprised myself, considering 基隆山 peak isn’t very high at all (588m), but maybe continuous steps in the sun is harder than a jungle path - there is a stone staircase all the way up 基隆山.

Most recently Grace and I went to 阿里山 (~2500m) with her lovely senior high school classmates. Not so much walking, but tons of crazy fun :)

婷潔高中 trip, 阿里山國家風景區 and sunset over 彰化 on the way home, 2013年10月
基隆山, Street puppy owning his steps, 阿妹茶樓, A-Home B&B breakfast , fiery hotpot with 小泊家, 2013年9-10月