Taipei has had a couple of days where 「raining cats and dogs」 would be the least you could say but recently it’s been more cats and pigs that have found themselves in the camera’s eye. In fact, this month has seen rhinoceros, giraffe, elephant, koala, panda and camel, but the bigger beasties were spared the prying lens. I’ll just say that giraffe and elephant are amazing and very chilled out; baby rhino are very cute, in a ~300kg sort of way; and koala have the most fantastically fluffy ears! Special thanks to 雅熒 and 婷潔!

Multitude of moggies, 臺灣侯硐, 2013年8月
Plethora of pretty painted pigs, part of 義民祭, 臺灣新竹縣, 2013年8月
Even more pretty painted pigs, 臺灣新竹縣, 2013年8月
Super big pig and golden bling-bling piggy, 臺灣新竹縣, 2013年8月